The Universe Provides

We, The Mountains of The World, would like to ask you a simple question:

“Why do you always seem to think that the world is working against you?”

Consider the possibility that in each moment The Universe is working on your behalf.

You may have asked for something different; you may have prayed and appealed to the skies for a specific outcome; you may have cried and nashed your teeth in frustration when nothing occurred as you desired.

We tell you The Universe is always working on your behalf…creating outcomes that support an optimum life for your given agenda and experience intentions.

Each time you feel frustrations;
Any moment you are in doubt;
Every second you believe The Universe has forsaken you…..
Know that your frustrations, doubt and beliefs are only reflections of your lack of awareness of the larger picture and the grander plan.

Make your requests…set your intentions…ask for what you desire…

Then relax and know The Universe is operating on your behalf;in your best interests;for your higher good.

Take a deep breath and move forward into your life.

Life is all and always good.

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