About Trust

We, The Mountains of the World, would like to take a moment to redefine ‘Trust’.

We watch as you are told to trust…as you berate yourselves for not trusting…as you give away your trust (which, of course, you can not do).

Let Us redefine and explain Trust in terms you may not have heard before.

Trust is a feeling, a sensory awareness of joy and love and well-being.

Belief is a mental construct…something you can give away.

Seeing is a visual construct…something you can misconstrue.

Trust, however, is a feeling and feelings are not easily misconstrued. We are not saying that you can’t try to misconstrue them for We observe you doing this daily due to what you are TOLD you SHOULD feel or trust or whatever.

Trust comes from your core. Your mind cannot override the feelings associated with Trust.

Your eyes can not perceive differently your feelings of Trust.

You know when you are in Trust thru your feelings.

Begin to value more highly your own Trusting instincts.

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