About Curiosity

We, The Mountains of the World, would like to speak a bit about curiosity…or rather your lack of curiosity.

We watch as those of you on the earth plane seem to value knowing over curiosity.

We wonder at your inability to perceive all that you are losing in your life experience as you honor ‘the concept of knowing’.

Knowing may have its place in your world. It is valuable for communicating. It is valuable for preparing for specific life duties. Knowing is also a dead-end street.

Curiosity opens up the world of not-knowing…which, by its definition, is more expanded and rich than your world of knowing.

Knowing is for those times when being vulnerable is not valuable.

Curiosity is for those times of growth and exploration.

Practicing curiosity allows you to be vulnerable and to become aware of the power of vulnerability.

Curiosity allows Us to open the world to you.

Become curious, become vulnerable, grow and explore.

Your life will become so much richer thru your curiosity.

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