We, The Mountains of The World, would like to know what you find amazing.

We watch as you progress through what you seem to perceive to be dull and normal lives.

From Our perspectives your life is amazing…full of possibilities and fun and joy and love and life.

We wonder at your lack of engagement in what is a most fabulous earth experience.
We are baffled by your apparent inability to see the forest of opportunities that await you.
We are amazed at your determination to focus on one tree rather than the forest of wealth that sounds you.

And, We delight in your occasional awakening to the possibilities around you.
We absolutely delight in that aspect of you!

Then, all too often, We see you return to the norm which, from Our perspective, looks pretty unspectacular.

So We ask again…’What do you find amazing?’…Find it and then:
Follow the trail of your amazement;
Never lose sight of your amazement;
Build upon your amazement;
And let no one take away your amazement!

Do this…and you will be amazed at how your life begins to shift in most delightful ways.

One thought on “Amazement

  1. I love reading The Murmurs of Mountains each week. They make me think. They make me wonder. They make me want to be.

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