A Word about Ego

You are now engaged (whether you know it or not) in the creation of a new life.
This time of significant change will be handicapped by your everyday ego.
There is no reason to make this significant shift in a difficult manner.
We, The Mountains of The World, highly recommend you neatly box up and put on a shelf your everyday ego.

Make the changes in your life then bring down the lovely box in which you stored your everyday ego and engage it in the newness you have created.

Clear your thinking, create the new, then re-engage your everyday ego in the new.

Your everyday ego is very powerful and supportive when it knows the rules…it is not very adept at changing the rules…that is not it’s job!

Make the changes, provide new ‘rules’ for your everyday ego to follow and everyone wins. You most specifically.

This, from Our perspective, is a much cleaner and easier way to make the changes of which you are now engaged.

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