Walking thru Portals

We, the Mountains of the World, know you are hearing the call of ‘the portals’.

We know you are wondering what to do and how to be and whom to trust.

Let Us address these most important questions.

What to do when a portal calls to you: Follow the beat of your heart; allow the energies of the spheres to wash over your being and integrate; relax and enjoy the ride…it is one of many to come.

How to be within the portal: Be your high frequency self; be the one you know yourself to be whether you are living as that self or not; trust that you would not be drawn to and hearing the call of ‘the portals’ if you were not advanced no matter how you are functioning on earth at this time. This call is far greater than the earth-bound physical self you identify with…this call is to your soul-self.

Whom do you trust as you engage the portal; Trust You. Trust in your cosmic knowing; trust your innate wisdom whether you have connected with that wisdom previously or not; Trust You!

These are Our recommendations.

Consider them – twist them to-and-fro – acknowledge the challenges your response may bring.

Then move toward the call of ‘the portals’.

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