On Receiving Messages

You are hearing the call of ‘the portals’.

You are receiving messages from ‘the portals’.

Many of you are remaining deaf and dumb to the impact of this call and these messages.

And We, the Mountains of the World ask why? This is what you have been waiting for. This is what your journey on earth in this iteration is all about.

This is the you that you came to be.

We recommend you lower your defenses and receive these messages.

Ask for assistance in deciphering the messages if they are unclear.

Follow the guidance inherent in the messages as long as they are not impacting your free will.

Listen – Follow – Learn – Grow – Evolve.

These are the purposes of the messages at this time.

This is the beginning. As a beginning it is easier in its complexity.
Embrace this process and grow as the intensity and possibilities grow.

Listen – Follow – Learn – Grow – Evolve.

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