Interpreting Messages

We, the Mountains of the World, references the potential need to interpret the messages you are currently receiving from and thru ‘the portals’.

We would now like to share with you some tips on interpreting these messages.

First, We encourage you to interpret the messages you receive from a heart position. We are not talking about the mushy, mamby-pamby heart position. We are talking about from the position of your knowing – your heart center.

Second, only accept those messages that make sense to you. Messaging from one frequency to another can be a bit tricky and has it’s share of challenges. If you receive a message that makes no sense or does not ‘feel’ right, simply ignore it or ask for another message. From the next message determine any possible actions you may choose to take.

And Third, messaging is a two-way street. It is your opportunity to send messages as well as receive them. And, as with messages you may be receiving, sending messages can take some time, talent and skill. Do not be discouraged if your first few messages bring less-than-desired results.

And that is Our message on interpreting messages.

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