The Power of Free Will

If you are like most of humanity, you are not aware of the power of free will.

The earth plane is one of the few cosmic planes where a soul has the power of free will.

The power of free will means that no matter what you agreed to before coming into your current iteration, you can go about your merry way with no focus or attention upon your intended experiencing.

This is why it takes the majority of souls so many ‘attempts’ to complete their few intended earth iterations…they don’t pay any attention to their agenda of soul experiences causing them to redo the iteration many many times.

Not that earth is not a fun place to experience and grow as a soul…it is. There are simply many other locations most souls enjoy even more than their earth experiencing.

And you, because you have not yet integrated your conscious and unconscious selves are going to keep having to ‘repeat’ the earth experience – the free will experience.

This is why free will is so powerful and at the same time such a deterrent. You are able to ignore your soul’s desires and the desire of The Universe as you cavort around earth.

And then you have the audacity to whine about having to ‘repeat’ the experience!

Connect to your soul and your soul’s experience agenda; use your free will to the betterment of that agenda; and then move on up to more fun-filled iterations.

This is what We, the Mountains of the World, recommend.

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