Managing the Chaos

We, The Mountains of The World, would like to speak a bit about how you might choose to manage the chaos appearing regularly in your world.

The increased amount of chaos is due to the frequency shift which has been ongoing for some time. Like a pot of water, it take a bit of time for the bubbles to begin to show as the water becomes warmer and warmer.

What you are now witnessing are the first bubbles physically displaying the impact of the frequency change.

This change is necessary and, like many necessary things, there is a time of trauma as the old departs and the new appears.

We thought it wise to provide some guidelines for dealing in this time of turbulence and chaos.

Specifically (and more information will be forthcoming) We, The Mountains of The World, recommend you:

Be the Blessing
Believe in Your Balance
Challenge the Change
Consider Your Cravings
Free Yourself from Fear
Manage Your Magic
Monumental Manifesting
Practice Peace

Let Us explain…

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