Emotions and Manifesting

We, The Mountains of The World, would like to speak about the role of emotions in the manifestation process.

A concept you seem to know well is ‘Thoughts become Things’.

The ‘Thing’ your ‘Thoughts’ become depends upon the emotions you engage when having the thought.

A Thought is like the bow which unleashes an arrow….

The Emotion you have with that thought determines the trajectory the arrow will take.

If the emotion is excited and optimistic…the arrow will strike an more excited and optimistic target.

If the emotion is fear based…whether for fear the desire will not be manifest OR for fear it will be…then the arrow will strike a more fear based target.

If the emotion is bland and blase…the arrow may fall well short of any target.

Thoughts DO become Things…and the thing they become is largely determine by the emotion You hold in relation to the Thought.

We, The Mountains of The World, thought you might like to become aware of this!

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