Creating Your Own Social Norms

We, The Mountains of the World, desire to continue our conversation on Social Norms.

At this juncture, We believe we have spoken enough about the collective norm.

We now desire to speak about creating your own social norm.

With this list you have created of empowering and dis-empowering social norms, We request you consider adjusting those social norms which you find dis-empowering to a personal norm which is empowering without interfering with the experience of others.

This may simply be a shift in belief.

This may be a shift in perspective.

This may be a consideration you have not allowed yourself before.

Whateverthe inner dialog, begin the process of shifting the dis-empowering social norms to empowering personal norms.

The only ‘rule’ of this shift is that your empowering causes no dis-empowering to another.

We, The Mountains of the World, support you in your personal shift and the social shift which will be a natural result of such.

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