Manage Your Magic

We, The Mountains of The World, tell you, without any reservation, that you are magical!!!!!

You are magical and you are not aware you are magical.
Because you are not aware you are magical, you do not manage your magic…it manages you!

During these times of chaos and transition it is most important to begin managing your magic.

You manage your magic by:
1. Acknowledging you are magical…you are a creator of your living;
2. Becoming aware of the power of the magic of creation which you possess;
3. Notice all that you are creating through your ‘everyday’ magic…called your life;
4. Expand the use of your magic to the development of your being and the frequency of the space in which you are living and creating.
5. Sit back and watch the shifts occur in your life and the lives of those you touch.

This is what We mean by managing your magic.
Follow this simple process and delight in the shifts and changes in your life.

We, The Mountains of The World, recommend you Manage your Magic!

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