Monumental Manifesting

We, The Mountains of The World, remind you that during times of chaos and transition there is also monumental manifesting.

Further, We, The Mountains of the World, recommend you focus this amazingly powerful manifesting energy on that which supports your growth and advancement…and therefore the growth and advancement of the Earth experience.

Monumental Manifesting is easier to accomplish when you have released fear and managed your magic.
The three combined form a dynamic trio that greatly assist in dealing with these times of chaos and change.

You manifest in every moment…which is why thoughts combined with emotion create experiences.

Notice what you are manifesting.
Manifest with intention and awareness.
Become the Monumental Manifestor you are.

We, The Mountains of the World, applaud you as you step into this very dynamic and necessary role.

Bring into your life and the earth plane your Monumental Manifesting!

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