Becoming Aware of Your Role in the Current Earth Transition

If you are drawn to our information…the information from the Mountains of the World…you are a Light worker!

There are three distinct types of human-looking light workers on the earth at this time – traditional and rather highly evolved Humans; Hybrid Soul Humans; and Lumans, illuminated beings. Each of these types of beings appear in human form and are walking the earth now.

Traditional humans are what each of you currently believe you are. In fact, the most of you are humans as humans comprise 80 percent of the ‘people’ on the earth plane at this time.

This percentage has varied over the ages and is a lower percentage in this moment due to the challenges the current frequency shift seems to be creating.

Humans are impacted more by the frequency shift and are challenged due to their more limited perspective of possibilities.

If you are an evolved Human, you are feeling the shift and are often confused by what you are feeling as much is not normal.

What we are about to share over the next time period will assist you in better understanding what is occurring to you and to those around you.

The Evolved Human mantra at this time of Transition is ‘No Fear…Your Intuition is Aligned!’

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