Becoming Aware of Your Role in the Current Earth Transition

If you are a Hybrid Soul…

Hybrids are souls in a physical body who have a hybrid soul DNA and human physical form DNA. Thus many of you believe yourself to be Human although you are aware that you think and perceive the world very differently from your Human counterparts, even those who are evolved.

Hybrid Soul DNA is a combination of Human and Luman soul DNA. In this manner, hybrids perceive much from a more illuminated perspective and can be the bridge between Humans and Lumans, the illuminated beings.

Hybrids comprise approximately 15% of the ‘people’ on the earth plane at this time.

Most Hybrids who believe themselves to be Human feel very disenfranchised at this time. The earth plane and the changes that are occurring with the peoples of the earth are very disconcerting.

This series of posts is intended primarily for the unaware Hybrids walking the earth plane and for the highly evolved and yet unaware Humans walking the earth plane during this time of transition.

The mantra for Hybrids at this time is ‘Keep Your Faith in The All…Your Knowing is Aligned!’

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