Becoming Aware of Your Role in the Current Earth Transition

To the Lumans currently walking the earth plane, We, the Mountains of the World, say Thank You!

Although you currently comprise a small percentage of ‘individuals’ walking the earth, your impact is vast as you are able to guide both the Evolved Humans and the Hybrids. We are delighted to support you in awakening both of these groups.

For those reading who are not Lumans, understand that Lumans or Illuminated Beings, the more accurate description, are what you might refer to as Angels, Extraterrestrials, or even Ancient Aliens. They are highly evolved and have significantly reduced their frequency to be able to inhabit a physical body. They have neither Human physical or soul DNA.

The Illuminated Being (or what we refer to as the Luman…contingent) comprises about 5% of the ‘people’ on the earth plane at this time. They have walked into human bodies with the consent of the soul who originally inhabited and grew that human body.

No matter your frame of understanding of Lumans, all are on the earth plane with the intention of assisting the Earth and all that inhabit it during this time of transition. Lumans are not confused at this time as they are well aware of their role and responsibilities.

And again, We, The Mountains of the World, honor the Lumans for their positive impact on the Earth and its inhabitants.

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