The Role of Humans in The Current Transition

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to speak to the role of Evolved Humans during this current transition.

Being human is not a singular mission. The type of human you are is determined by your individual soul’s evolutionary path and the length of that path as the soul has traveled it.

The information We will be sharing is intended for those of you who are human and have evolved to a higher level of evolution.

What is a level of evolution? Our best comparison is that of the earth learning process. It starts with an infant, learning to walk, and progresses through pre-school, the early grad levels, mid- grade levels, junior high, high school, technical school, college, graduate school, and on to a full PhD level. There are levels within levels, as there are grades within a high school process.

As a visual, consider the infant as the base of a pyramid and the PhD as the top of the pyramid. That visual provides you with a perception of the percentages of the population in each of the levels of evolution.

You Humans who are evolving through your Soul Masters and PhD programs are the individuals to whom We are speaking to in these communications.

‘No Fear…Your Intuition is Aligned!’

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