About Humans and Evolved Humans

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to provide you with some insights into your level of evolution.

Humans who are rather new to the earth plane or who have decided to not put in the work to evolve, prefer to live in fear. They find fear a very comfortable place to live. They also seek conflict in its many guise and believe in the phrase ‘might makes right’. Due to the number of younger human souls on the earth plane at this time, this belief is strong.

If the above information does not resonate with you, you have very likely evolved beyond the high school level of evolution. The less it resonates, the more advanced you are. If you seek compromise; seek collaboration; honor diversity of all types; strive to strategically find solutions outside of and before conflict and negative interactions occur, you are most likely a highly evolved human soul.

It is to you that we speak… We highly encourage you to keep the faith.

Trusting your insights and intuition, no matter what others seem to believe is the path, is what is most valuable at this time.

Listening to what you might describe as your ‘inner voice’ is highly recommended.

We, the Mountains of the World, and those of the Luman realm, the non-physical realm, provide guidance to you through this inner voice.

‘No Fear…Your Intuition is Aligned!’

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