Are You a Hybrid Being?

We, The Mountains of the World, would now like to speak to the Hybrid Beings walking the earth plane at this time.

For these communications are also intended for those of you who are the Hybrid Beings on earth.

For it seems that the Hybrid Beings are:
The most disenfranchised and confused;
Understand the least about why you are on the earth at this time;
And are striving endlessly to fit into the human culture.

You, as a Hybrid, are desperately needed by all others on the earth plane…

To awaken and understand all of who you are:
Of the bridge you create between the human world and the Luman or Illuminated Beings;
Of the messages you can then share without being frightening or threatening;
Messages that will allow all of humanity and all things to transition most comfortably through the current morass of information and direction.

It is critical that you begin to truly understand your role and the value you bring to the earth plane.

As you begin to absorb our messages, please remember the Hybrid Being mantra…
‘Keep Your Faith in The All…Your Knowing is Aligned!’

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