Insight into the Hybrid Being

We, The Mountains of the World, would like to provide a bit of insight into the essence of a Hybrid Being.

Hybrid Beings possess a very confusing Soul DNA.

Due to the recent activation and awakening of this DNA uniqueness, you may be feeling very disenfranchised with your experiences on earth. The conflicts and rhetoric leave you empty and unsure of your role, your mission.

And you know you have a role and a mission!

The recent activation of the Cosmic or Luman aspects of your Soul DNA is causing you to wonder about all that you believe about yourself, your purpose, your soul and even the Cosmos.

Hybrid Beings have a soul DNA that is a combination of Human and Luman soul consciousness. This is why Hybrid Beings are the bridges, the message carriers and the balancing points during this time of transition.

We ask you to keep the faith…in The All, in the current confusion, and in yourself.

The information We will be sharing, in small pieces, will bring balance and joy to your very being-ness.

‘Keep Your Faith in The All…Your Knowing is Aligned!’

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