A Bit More about Hybrid Beings

We, The Mountains of the World, would like to explain a bit more about Hybrid Beings.

Most Hybrid Beings are very comfortable in a human body and until recently many of you who are Hybrid Beings considered yourself to be Human.

When in fact, Hybrid Beings tend to be quite evolved and aware of a knowing-ness that is unique among those whom you have considered and may continue to consider to be your peers.

Hybrids have both a linear evolution progression, as do humans, and a DNA evolution spectrum between Human and Luman.

This creates a scenario in which there is not only the traditional soul evolution which, for Hybrids, varies from a mid-college level to a Post Grad level (using the same schooling analogy and the Y-axis element of an x-y axis);

There is also the Human/Luman DNA perspective which is based upon the percentage mix of Human to Luman Soul DNA.

As a Hybrid evolves from the Human side (graphically, the left side of the X-axis) to have a greater amount of Luman Soul DNA (graphically the right hand of the X-axis), the variance in perspective of events on earth and of intention vary widely.

These X-Y axis variables create challenges as we share this new information for there is a significant difference between a Hybrid with a mid-level college evolution level and a more Human Soul DNA aspect as compared to a Hybrid with a Post-grad evolutionary level who has evolved very close to the Luman Soul DNA aspect.

Yet all Hybrid Beings share the same attributes, just differently.
And all Hybrid Beings are impacted, to one degree or another, by The Awakening.

And again, We say: ‘Keep Your Faith in The All…Your Knowing is Aligned!’

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