Finding Your Soul DNA Family

We, the Mountains of the World, consider it time to assist you in determining who you are and potentially identifying others in your Soul DNA family.

Let Us begin with a review of the aspects of Self that do not provide any information on your Soul DNA – whether it is Human, Hybrid, or Luman.  These include:

  • IQ;
  • Financial Status;
  • Career choice;
  • Sexual Preference or Lack of Sexual Preference;
  • Meyers Brigs Personality Preference;
  • Body Type;
  • Birth location or birth family;
  • Connection with Children.

All of these aspects are much more closely related to the experiences you, as a soul, intend for each earth iteration.

Some aspects of Self that may reflect upon the evolution of the Soul rather then upon the the Soul DNA. The two primary aspects of self in this catagory include:

  •  Addictive behavior – this can be an intended experience, the path of a less evolved Human or that of a very evolved Luman. Hybrids tend to be ‘experiencers’ and do not tend to become addicted;
  • Psychological Challenges – this arena is very similar to the addictive behavior arena.  Psychological issues are rarely found in Hybrids with the exception of those who are either 95% or more Human or Luman Soul DNA.  These Hybrids primarily display the aspects of the DNA to which they are most closely linked.

With this said, We will move next to the aspects of Self that can assist you in determining who you are and who you may know in your Soul DNA family.





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