Your Soul DNA – Fear and the Fear Frequency

We, the Mountains of the World, believe you are now ready to understand the manner in which the various Soul DNA’s relate to various ‘frequencies’. This information will assist you in understanding who you are at a Soul DNA level.

To accomplish this, We will be speaking to some of the more dominate differences between Humans, Hybrids (a mixture of Human and Luman Soul DNA), and Lumans (Illuminated Beings – whether you call them Angels, Extraterrestrials, or Aliens).

The first difference We would like to address is The Relationship to Fear!

  • Luman have no relationship to Fear.  Fear operates in a frequency range not easily available to the Luman population.  It is not that Lumans walking the Earth in a human body do not honor the limitations of the body…rather, they do not support the fear frequency and therefore are much less impacted by such.
  • Humans have a very distinct and comfortable, almost addictive relationship with Fear and the fear frequency.  As an example, if you are addicted to the evening news, you are most likely Human or have predominately Human Soul DNA.
  • Hybrids are affected by the fear frequency.  Depending upon their ‘DNA mix’ – the percentage balance of Human and Luman Soul DNA, Hybrids will either be repelled by the fear frequency or attracted to it.  If attracted to it, a Hybrid with more than 10% Luman Soul DNA is either attracted because it is the norm and they are not ready to move beyond the norm and/or because they are not ready to acknowledge who they are.

We recommend you assess your relationship to /with Fear.  If you are negatively affected by the fear frequency, you are most likely a Hybrid about to awaken.  If the fear frequency has no affect on you and, in fact, you are attracted to it, you are most likely a Human.

As a Human, your response to the fear frequency will provide you with a bit of information on your level of soul evolution.

Next We will address the difference in Relationship to Violence.

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