Your Soul DNA – The Violence Factor

We, the Mountains of the World, would now like to address the information provided by your relationship to violence and the violence factor.

This factor is very well defined and provides a wealth of information on not only the Soul DNA family.  The violence factor also provides information on the Soul’s evolution if a Human.

  • If someone is drawn to Violence – they are most likely a Human with a low level of evolution. There are exceptions…and not many;
  • If you are not drawn to violence in your actual life although you have no difficulty engaging it through the various media outlets, you are most likely Human with a moderate or high level of soul evolution;
  • If you abhor any type of violence and are haunted by violence you do experience, whether personally or through the media, you are most likely Hybrid with a significant percentage of Luman Soul DNA;
  • If you abhor violence and are ready to take a stand against it, you are most likely a Hybrid with a dominant percentage of Luman Soul DNA…you are a ‘warrior’ in the Hybrid aspect (which does not include a response of violence).
  • If when you experience violence to self or others, you simply shift the frequency to one of love and acceptance, you are most likely either a very highly evolved Hybrid or a Luman.

Consider your relationship to Violence.  Are you acting as your true Self or are you acting in a manner that has been prescribed by family and friends?

We ask this question to assist you in finding your Self and acknowledging your Soul DNA.

We will next address the various relationships to Tribe.


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