Your Soul DNA – Relationship to Tribe

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to assist those of you who are truly Hybrids and perhaps not yet willing to identify yourself as such, with another differentiation…How You Relate to Your Tribe!

In general, Humans have a relationship to Tribe which is different in many ways than Hybrids.

The Human relationship to Tribe (family) tends to be very linear, more current life-time focused, and is supported by websites that assist individuals in following their genetic family lines.  Humans generally are very comfortable with this alignment and do not tend to challenge the process. Instead, they are most often delighted by the process and the surety that such process provides.

A Hybrid may ask themselves questions like: What about my previous lifetimes?; How would I find my Soul DNA family  in this lifetime?;  What if I align more with the Lumans in the ethers than I align with my Earth family? What does that say about me?

The answer to all of these questions is that the fact you are asking the question indicates you are a Hybrid to some degree.  The more you align with the Human genetic line, you may be a Hybrid with more Human DNA.  If you are less interested in alignment and wonder more about how you might find your Soul DNA family and/or Luman family, you are most likely a Hybrid close to Luman DNA.

Consider your relationship to Tribe.

Consider your perception of who is your Tribe.

These considerations will provide you with insight to your Hybrid and/or Human nature. And for Hybrids, this information will assist you in further understanding who you are.

Consider away!







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