Your Soul DNA – Relationship to Lack

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to ask you to consider your relationship to lack…any kind of lack.

In our view, Humans of the Earth plane have a very interesting relationship with lack. With all there is on the earth plane to support each and every human, the Human perception that there is not enough to go around is quite confusing to Us.

Said simply, the perception of Lack provides a significant differentiation between Humans and Hybrids/Lumans. And the Lack We are referring to is not a low bank account or a small wardrobe or a simple home.  A homeless individual living under a bridge with no bank account or closet may not feel that they lack anything!

Lack is a perception not a number.

Lack is a feeling of not enough…sometimes, never enough.

Lack permeates the Human existence and can touch upon the Hybrid existence.

And yet Lack is a significant differentiator!

A Hybrid may have little and bemoan their low bank account, small wardrobe, or meager living situation and yet never really feel that they will not be provided for.

As a Hybrid who was or is not yet awake, you may have encountered the feeling of Lack.  And, as a Hybrid, whether awake or not, you always knew, at your core, that you are taken care of.

Connect to Your Knowing…Awaken…be the Hybrid you Are!


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