Your Soul DNA: Relationship to Change

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to address the variation between Humans, Evolved Humans and Hybrids in the arena of Relationship to Change.

You may wonder what We know about change…as in your perception Mountains change very little.  In fact, We change quite frequently whether it is understood or perceived by the Humans/Hybrids of the Earth plane or not.

Change is another significant differentiator.

Reluctance to Change is a more Human aspect.

Acceptance of Change is a more Hybrid aspect.

We ask you to consider the wide variety of change that can and does impact your daily Earth living, both for you as an individual, for the communities, both large and small, that you are a part of, and for the world at large.

Humans (Humans who have lower evolution ‘e’ levels due to having not spent many iterations on Earth) tend to be most impacted by and therefore reluctant to change at all of the levels mentioned above.  In fact, they are often so consumed with change at the individual or small community level that they do not consider the larger world events outside of their own ‘frame of reference’.

Evolved Humans (Humans who share the same evolution ‘e’ levels of Hybrids and do not share any of the Luman Soul DNA), tend to be more reluctant to change in a larger perspective.  This perspective is beneficial until the elements of change are fed by a propaganda of fear or by a propaganda of  hope regarding ‘the good old days’! When this occurs, the element of fear or hope create a more myopic view of the change, causing the higher ‘e’ level individual to operate as a more typical Human.

Hybrids, although impacted by change, tend to be less reactionary and more accepting of it due to a belief in the All/The Divine.

Hybrids may be temporarily impacted by the fear or hope scenarios. Once they have had a chance to re-balance and align to their knowing, Hybrids tend to return to their acceptance of change and focus on the value the change might be creating.

And once again, We ask those of you who are Hybrids to connect to your Knowing!

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