Soul DNA – Relationship to the Frequency of Normal

Few of you are aware that We, the Mountains of the World, are responsible for the frequency of any particular location.  Each of the significant Mountain ranges on the Earth Plane have an area of direct impact and an area of lesser impact.  Each of the significant Mountain ranges are supported by lesser ranges that further disburse the intended frequency.

This means that as the Cosmic shift continues, We, the Mountains of the World, will create the subtle yet significant energy shift in those areas we are responsible in alignment with the Cosmic plan.

As the shifts have not occurred to any degree until recently, many of you may have had the desire/need to ‘just be normal’.  If you found yourself thinking or even saying this, you most likely are a Hybrid Soul. The more this was an active part of your life, the more Luman Soul DNA you possess.

If you have felt the occasional twinge of not being ‘normal’, you are most likely a Hybrid with more Human Soul DNA or a more Evolved Human.  The awareness of the norm and your perception of it is a clear indicator.

As the shift continues and We continue to adjust the frequency of various points on the earth plane, you may notice you are becoming more comfortable while those around you are becoming less comfortable and more fear based.  Know these are both reactions to the frequency shifts We are creating at this time on the Earth plane.

These shifts in frequency are necessary to take all to a higher frequency and yet they do have some adverse effects…such as the more noticeable desire to return to the ‘good old days’; a higher need to want to protect borders and boundaries although the reality is that such are breaking down and becoming less and less tangible with each degree shift.

To Be Continued….


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