Continued – Relationship to the Frequency of Normal

We, the Mountains of the World, tell you the shifts have only begun. The Cosmic plan entails a high number of subtle shifts.  The shifts We have created over the past decade plus are just becoming noticeable to the Human population.  Although We, in alignment with the Cosmic Shift, are creating only incremental change with each frequency shift, the effect is now becoming felt.

Without awareness of what is being felt, the only response for the Human population is Fear!  As the Human population is not aware of what they are afraid, they are beginning to attach randomly and without awareness. This is an Earth plane manifestation due to the high percentage of Humans and the number of Evolved Humans and Hybrids who are not yet willing to awaken.  It is also due to the fact that Lumans are, for the most part, not yet in physical bodies, where they can have greater immediate impact.

Thus the overall scenario is one of turbulence and chaos.  And, it will remain this way for a short time (from Our perspective).

As We, the Mountains of the World, continue to create the additional subtle shifts needed for the greater Cosmic Shift, We recommend you, the Awakened Hybrids:

Stay in your Comfort and Knowing! Please do not fall back into Humanness.  Trust the plan and know the outcome of this Cosmic Shift is worth the discomfort of the multitude;

Appear to align with the Humans in your sphere while simultaneously reducing the fear in whatever gentle, non-intrusive manner you possess.  This is not a time to step into your ‘Hybrid-ness’ and announce your difference!;

Quietly continue the discovery of your Hybrid self.  The Divine/The All has instructed several Hybrids to share information to assist in your discovery.  Notice whenever you come across information on Hybrids and consider the information being provided;

Know that even as  Hybrid you are unable to manipulate Humanity unless the shift you are putting forth is in their highest and best interests.  Any concern you may have about becoming manipulative simply cannot happen…for a number of reasons…all to be discussed at another time.

And, as always, Trust Your Knowing!



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