Soul DNA – Relationship to Dogma/Rules

One of the easiest differences between Human, Evolved Humans and Hybrids is their response to and relationship with dogma (rules). We, the Mountains of the World, see this as a very noticeable discrepancy of the groups.

Humans are drawn to Dogma…rules.  For example, their faith is often not in the energy of the belief, it is in the rules created by other Humans about the belief.  It is the energy of right! And this energy of Religious Right (notice, We did not say ‘Faith Right’) has created fear of other and thus war between the various groups on the Earth plane.

Evolved Humans may be attracted to the dogma of a religion.  The difference between the Evolved Humans and the less-evolved Humans is the tightness of the grasp they have on the absolute need to be ‘right’.  Evolved Humans more often find a way to balance the dogma and the reality of living in relationship.

Hybrids, depending upon their evolution level, percentage Luman DNA, and objective/agenda for this earth iteration, may simply not accept dogma as they awaken.  This is not to say that these Hybrids do not find religion of value or that they are not faith based.  Rather, it is to say that they simply do not accept what other Humans have decreed.  These Hybrids are often perceived to be rudderless when, in fact they have a very defining rudder…The Divine/The All.

The vast majority of Hybrids, who find themselves on the Hybrid grid between Evolved Humans and strong Luman DNA Hybrids, often relate to Dogma in a manner that is consistent with their Soul DNA makeup.

We ask you…what does the information shared in this and all previous posts tell you about yourself?

Are you Hybrid?

If so, where on the Hybrid Grid do you believe you might be?

Now is a natural time to begin to identify your Soul DNA along the X access between Human and Luman Soul DNA and along the Y access between College level evolution to PhD level evolution,

There are more elements yet to be discussed.  Once you have considered where you might be, allow the additional elements to confirm or shift your perspective.

So…How would You define Yourself?



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