Soul DNA – Relationship to Drama

As The Mountains of the World, we have watched the different manner in which Humans and Hybrids, even those who are not yet aware of and aligned with their Hybridness,  approach the energy of Drama.

Drama is an energy.  It can be a very expansive and dynamic energy.

We watch Humans engage in Drama at a lower frequency, more of a frequency of suffering and victim hood.

  • Drama in this format is attached to, tied to if you will, the frequency of Fear.
  • Drama in this format is less than helpful and often the Human identifies with the energy of drama as if it were who they are.

Drama is an energy…not an individual.

We experience Hybrids, those both aware and those not yet aware, as having a distinctly different relationship to Drama the vast majority of the time.

  • When Hybrids are aware of who they are and of the energies and tools at their disposal, they most often relate to Drama in a playful, engaging manner. When aware, they use drama to enjoy a situation rather than be a victim to a situation.
  • When Hybrids are not aware of their ‘hybridness’, they can relate to Drama as Humans.  This relationship is typically short lived as an advanced Hybrid will have difficulty holding onto the Fear aspect of Drama.

This difference can create an upset in a Human/Hybrid relationship as the Human does not understand the shift that occurs for the Hybrid.  The Human, often deeply engaged in the Fear aspect of the Drama, feels chided when the Hybrid begins to ‘play’ with the Drama.

How do you relate to Drama?

If you perceive you are a Hybrid and find yourself most often drawn to the Fear energy of Drama, now may be the time to begin to release your old patterns formed before We, The Mountains of the World, began to increase the frequency on Earth.  For Hybrids, the awareness of the old patterns is often enough to allow for an easy and effortless shift.

How do You want to relate to Drama – in a playful, dynamic manner or in a fear based manner.  The choice is Yours.

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