Soul DNA – Relationship to Alignment

Another distinction between Humans and Hybrids is their Relationship to Alignment.

We, the Mountains of the World, used to ponder why Hybrids were often less effective on the Earth plane…why did they not rise to the top more often?

We now understand that one of the reasons is the Hybrid’s Relationship to Alignment.

The Relationship We are speaking of here is the relationship/alignment to a cause, a position, a belief, a path…you name it.

Most Humans are very defensive of their position, candidate, belief!  Because they are defensive, they broach no arguments other than those they believe in!  This creates an air of certainty, albeit Fear based certainty,  even if the cause/belief/candidate/etc. is absolutely inappropriate for the success of the Human agenda.

Hybrid Souls, due to their ability to trust in the Universe/The Divine/The All, are often more soft spoken and willing to consider the position of the Human whom they are relating to at that moment.

This willingness causes the Hybrid to appear wishy-washy to the Humans around them.  The Humans wonder why anyone would ever listen to an opposing view!  They conclude that Hybrids must not know their mind…must be wishy-washy!

We understand the natural desire of Hybrids, awakened or not, to appear more concrete in their position.  Before We began the frequency shift, such might have been beneficial.  At this time, and into the future, operating from the Hybrid position of Trust will truly create the most dynamic and lasting results.

We, the Mountains of the World, promise!

Please note: We, The Mountains of the World, share the differences in this post and in previous/future posts, from the perspective of the rather distant ends of the perspective.  As a Hybrid, if you read these posts and think “I can align with either description” it only tells you that you have not yet ‘practiced’ your way from your previous Human alignment!  Not to Worry!

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