Soul DNA – Relationship with Assurance

We, the Mountains of the World, ask you…how comfortable are you with not knowing?  How much of your living do you desire to have well scripted and assured?

We ask because We have observed the following to be true:

Humans, especially less evolved Humans, are most comfortable with a well scripted life…even if they do not enjoy or even like the script!  (We are confused at that!)

For more evolved the Humans, a bit of ambiguity in their life is often acceptable as long as the ambiguity does not last very long in Human life years.  If the ambiguity extends further than the Human is willing to accept, the response is most often to commit to a regiment that provides them the ‘script of assurance’ (Although nothing is assured! another of Our confusion points.)

Hybrids, depending upon their evolution level, their percentage of Luman Soul DNA, and the length of time they have been aware of their hybridness, are able to accept a much greater amount of ambiguity – a more expanded relationship to Assurance.  Sometimes to the point that a script in their life feels overly confining.

  • Hybrids often display an ease of moving across a country or around the world;
  • Hybrids often display an ease with experiencing a wide spectrum of possibilities;
  • Hybrids often act, relate, engage differently simply so they are not ‘put in a box’;
  • Hybrids appear to have a much lower need for and/or no need for assurance;
  • Hybrids believe in The Divine/The All and their role in the Dynamic Plan for the Universe!

What is Your relationship with Assurance?

How much ‘scripting’ do you need/can you handle…before you break the assurance mold the script has created?

How might You, the Hybrid, assist those Hybrids who are not yet awake and are continuing to follow their Human patters, to feel the confines of a script and assist them in exploring their natural more expanded relationship with Assurance?

More Hybrids living in more expanded relationships with Assurance supports the Dynamic Plan to progress more easily and smoothly. Think of it!


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