The Hybrid Grid

We, the Mountains of the World, believe it is time to address a few of the talents and capabilities inherit in the merging of Human and Luman Soul DNA…inherit in being a Hybrid!

Before We do so, we want to describe the Hybrid Grid developed to enhance your understanding of the different impacts of various Hybrid talents.

For these discussions, We will utilize a linear (or nearly linear) Hybrid grid.  Visualize this grid as a square box. This grid/box differentiates the two prime elements of a Hybrid – the Soul DNA mix and the evolution level of the Soul.

The left side of the grid represents nearly 100% Human Soul DNA and the right side of the grid represents nearly 100% Luman Soul DNA.  The space between the two sides is a scale of percentage of the two DNA’s. Further, the grid is differentiated from bottom  or lower soul evolution level to top or higher soul evolution level.

Thus, a Hybrid in the lower left hand of the grid has more Human Soul DNA and is at a lower level of evolution.

A Hybrid in the upper right hand of the grid has more Luman Soul DNA and has achieved a higher level of evolution.

We have also identified four quadrants within the Hybrid grid.  These four quadrants are not perfectly balanced and the lines are not perfectly linear as they bisect the Hybrid grid. However they do allow Us to discuss the various aspects of the same Talent.

The quadrants run from lower left to upper right and We will be referring to them in the following manner – LL (lower left); LR (lower right); HL (higher left); HR (higher right).

Despite it feeling a bit complex at this moment, please know that We created the grid for your ease in understanding the talents and capabilities you have as a Hybrid.

With this grid and your understanding of  the information it provides, We are now able to proceed to discuss three of the primary talents of a Hybrid on the Earth plane at this time.










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