A Hybrid Talent – Impacting Thoughts

As We, the Mountains of the World,  begin the discussion of your talents, We would like to share a bit about the use and impact of your talents.

First and foremost, NO Hybrid Talent has any positive impact when you are operating from a human ego perspective.  Thus, if you are utilizing one of your talents from a human ego perspective, a perspective focused on an outcome primarily to totally beneficial to you, the impact of your actions will backfire on you with a vengeance!

Therefore, Caution and Conscious Awareness are critical and highly recommended when engaging one of your talents.

Hybrid talents and capabilities are only effective when you, the Hybrid, are utilizing it in a positive, highly evolved, Luman perspective. When you are in this space, the talent is not only effective…it is often described as ‘magical’!

This said, the first talent We wish to discuss is your ability to impact the thoughts of Humans.  And again, this is only effective or magical when you are in a positive and expanded space, thinking of the All and in alignment with the All!

Now, We ask you to visualize the Hybrid Grid We explained in our last post.

The  various aspects of the talent of Impacting Human Thoughts align as follows:

The Lower Left talent is one of supporting a positive thought or thoughts;

The Lower Right talent is one of both supporting positive thoughts as well as minimizing the impact of negative thoughts and therefore the Human’s actions taken based upon those thoughts.

The Higher Left talent is one of erasing the negative thought!  This talent involves both the thought and the emotion created by the thought;

The Higher Right talent is one of erasing negative thoughts and their corresponding emotions. Then, replacing those thoughts with positive beneficial thoughts and their corresponding emotions.

Have you experienced your talents?  If not, and operating from an energy of ‘highest and best’, We encourage you to utilize your talents.  The world you live in needs you to do so!

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