A Hybrid Talent – Affecting Time and Space

A second Hybrid talent is the ability to affect time and space.

Please notice the precise wording that We, the Mountains of the World, have used. The word ‘affect’ is most critical here for it is in the ability to ‘affect’ that the various aspects of the Hybrid talent come into play.

The various aspects of this talent are significant indicators of the percentage share of Human or Luman Soul DNA you, the Hybrid, possess.

For this talent,

  • the greater the percentage of Luman Soul DNA, the easier it is to affect time and space,
  • the greater the percentage of Human Soul DNA, the more challenging it is to affect time and space.

The Human Soul DNA has a strong response to fear, anxiety or concern which significantly limits the ability to affect time and space.

For example, if a Human is ‘running late’ to an appointment, they typically become very fearful of being late.  This might show up in aggressive driving, anxiousness, sweaty palms, and/or any number of other fear responses.

These fear responses reduce the flow of energy!

When an individual reduces the flow of energy, they reduce their ability to have access to and impact that energy.  Thus, fear, however mild or extreme, impacts an individual to affect anything…much less time and space.

Your response to ‘running late’ may be an  indicator of your percentage mix of Soul DNA OR it may be an indicator of the degree you have chosen to fit in as a Human.

We recommend you consider your response to ‘running late’, Both bits of information are valuable as you continue to understand yourself as a Hybrid being.



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