Part II – A Hybrid Talent – Affecting Time and Space

We, the Mountains of the World, previously discussed how Humans respond to ‘running late’.  We would now like to draw a comparison between the Human and Luman response.

Typical Humans respond to ‘running late’ with a fear based response.  Any type of fear based response results in a reduction of energy.  The greater the fear, the less energy available to affect time and space…or anything else!

A typical Luman response to any traditional Human fear based scenario is to expand their access to energy.  This is as natural a response for Lumans as the opposite is for Humans.

This response, resulting in an access to even more energy, allows the Luman to beam forward in time or space or both and arrive at the appointment on time.

Hybrids with a high percentage of Luman Soul DNA tend to easily flow into the Luman response without even being aware of the shift they are creating.

As a Hybrid with a significant amount of Luman DNA, you most likely have heard yourself say…’I am amazed I am here on time!’ And, if you have noted the patterns, you may well have come to rely on them and allowed time and space to flow easily into the patterns needed at the moment.

We recommend you reflect upon your patterns and the outcome of your patterns.  This information will provide you with a greater understanding of your percentage of Human and Luman Soul DNA.

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