Understanding Self through Numerology

We, the Mountains of the World, have heard you, who perceive you are Hybrids, wonder which of the aspects of the Affecting Thought talent you are able to actualize.  It is for this reason that We are pleased to share the information in a format you can easily comprehend,,,the understanding of self through numerology.

As an individual who is desiring to learn more about yourself and your Hybrid aspects, We highly encourage you to begin to study the art of numerology based upon your birth date.  Although this appears to be a very simple approach, it provides amazing insight into you and your intention for living upon the Earth Plane during this current iteration.

As a Hybrid, you are well versed in selecting a birth date.  Your selection of birth date coincided with the energy you deemed most appropriate to make your appearance on the earth plane.  As a Hybrid waking up, this may be a new concept.  We recommend you sit with it a bit.  The acceptance of the decisions you have made as a Soul are important to your further understanding of self as a Hybrid.

We recommend you take a moment or two and learn a bit about yourself through the study of your birth date…the study of numerology.



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