The Hybrid Soul Blueprint

We, the Mountains of the World, believe it is valuable for each Hybrid to fully understand themselves.  One of the most expansive ways to understand yourself as  Hybrid and the gifts and talents you bring is to fully understand your expansive self through your Hybrid Soul and/or Animal Blueprint.

There are a select few Hybrid numerologists on the planet at this time. These individuals relate numerology to the unique aspects of many members of the animal kingdom.  We believe that this unique relating allows for a richer understanding of the various numerological calculation outcomes and provides Hybrids with great insight into their own unique nature.

You, a Hybrid seeing information about yourself, may want to connect with some of this information through the world wide web.  Although there are a number basic calculations within the Hybrid  Soul or Animal Blueprint, there is also expansion well beyond the traditional numerology birth date approach.

General Soul Blueprint information can be found at  and the site is a location to obtain detailed information  on your own specific Animal Blueprint.

And, simply calculating your Path and Gift of Path ‘animals’ and studying those animals, provides a great deal of insight into who you are and why you are on the Earth plane at this time.

Enjoy your Exploration.

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