Why Hybrids Feign Sleep

We, the Mountains of the World, want to address what occurs when Hybrids feign sleep.

Hybrids, even those who do not wish to awaken to their exceptional selves, know they are different…
You know you perceive the world differently than traditional humans;
You know you have impressions and observations which are different from traditional humans;
You know you know;
And you know your knowing is in alignment with the greater good of the All!

When you, a Hybrid, feign sleep, you severely limit the conscious energy of your knowing to enter the earth plane and support the transitions occurring at this time.

Conscious energy is much more impactive on the earth plane than intuitive energy. By denying your knowing and therefore your conscious energy you are… constraining/limiting/hobbling/blocking/strangling/denying…this positive influence to be able to bring forth the transitional changes so desired for the earth plane.

Please note, Conscious knowing does not equal action and coming forth with the knowing on the earth plane. Conscious knowing only needs awareness and conscious acceptance of your knowing to have the impact desired. At this time, conscious knowing is your most powerful action. At this time…

We, The Mountains of the World, implore you to stop feigning sleep, become conscious, and acknowledge your knowing. Awaken and become aware!

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