Hybrids as Transformers

We, the Mountains of the World, would like to introduce an additional talent available to Hybrids.  That is the talent of transforming…energy, thoughts, feelings, or anything that is carried in an energetic format.

As you consider how energy impacts you, the Hybrid in you will begin to understand how you are a transformer…

  • Of energy coming from the Lumans to the Humans on the Earth Plane;
  • Of energy coming from the earth beings – We, the Mountains and Stones, the Plants and Animals on the Earth plane and the Waters which cover the Earth plane to the Humans;
  • And for a select group, the ability to transform energy to us, the Lumans of the Cosmic world whether you call us Angels, Extraterrestrials, Light Beings or Cosmic Begins.  As a group we refer to ourselves as Lumans.

We ask you to be aware and awake…

  • Notice energy moving through your physical self differently than normal;
  • Notice when you perceive thoughts different than you normally think;
  • Notice when your observations are ‘new’ and ‘unusual’.

It is at these time that you are assisting Us and the Cosmic realm as We all strive to bring the energy of Joy, Love and Peace to the Earth Plane.

The Cosmic Realm thanks you!



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