A Hybrid Talent – Balancing Joy and Fear

Hybrids have a wide range of talents!  And it is Our job to bring them to your awareness.

We, the Mountains of the World, along with the Seas and Oceans, Large Plants and Predator Animals, have many of these same talents…We simply active them differently and on a wave length not easily accessible by Humans.

You, Hybrids, do have the ability to live into your talents in such a manner that humanity is significantly and positively affected.

One of those talents is the ability to balance Joy and Fear.  This talent, as most talents, can be a double-edged sword.  If you, a Hybrid, are not living in Joy then you are increasing the amount of Fear on the Earth plane exponentially! Because of your ability to bring these two necessary energies into balance, any direction you lean has a much greater impact on the whole than a normal Human.

This is especially true for those Hybrids with one or more ‘soul animal’ in the fourth Hybrid quadrant.  If you are not holding the Joy quotient (also referred to as Love and Peace) in your heart and mind, you are dramatically supporting the Fear quotient.

And, although there have been times on the Earth plane when the Joy quotient was excessively out of balance…that time is not now!

Awaken to your Hybridness…Align to the Joy quotient…and bring the balance back to the Earth plane.

Thank you!

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