A Hybrid Talent – Converting and Moving Energy

Do you even thing about how you move energy?

Do you consider the talent of converting negative energy to positive forward moving energy?

This talent – the talent of converting and moving energy – is one you use every day.  You use this talent to stay healthy; to become sick; to complete a project when moments earlier you did not have the energy; to delay doing a project; etc. etc. etc.

This is the talent of Manifestation…in your life! And, while most of the Hybrid talents are very positive, this talent is definitely a two edged sword for Hybrids. With this talent you can easily manifest bounty and lack; beauty and barrenness; joy and sadness.

You as a Hybrid use this talent to

  • Avoid something you do not want to do…especially if it will cause other to wonder how you accomplished it (trying to play Human);
  • Expand your capability to complete a project and to have extra energy after the completion which would have exhausted others;
  • Be sick or healthy – depending upon your focus and desire;
  • And to grow your skills or shrink your abilities.

This talent does not necessarily have a Hybrid quadrant aspect…rather, the more of your aspects in the higher quadrants (3rd or 4th) the greater your potential use and misuse of this talent.

We, the Mountains of the World, ask you to consider how you are using this talent to manifest the life you are living.  With this awareness and any necessary shift to align to positive use of this talent, you live more easily into your Hybrid abilities and self!

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