Hybrids in Transition

The Earth Plane is currently in a state of transition – a significant energy frequency transition.

This energy frequency change is creating what We, the Mountains of the World, define as chaos of consciousness.  This chaos is showing all around the World…the Earth Plane.  No area of the Earth Plan is immune to the impact of this frequency change.

Now that you understand yourself a bit more as the Hybrid being you are, it is time to share with you the impact of the transition on all Hybrids.

The energy shift is impacting all beings on the Earth Plane in the following areas:

  • Overall Focus of Purpose;
  • Perspective of Physical Location;
  • Definition/View of Service;
  • Relationship with Money and Finances;
  • Awareness of Relationships;
  • Acknowledgement of Physical Self;
  • Understanding of Purpose;
  • and More.

As you consider the information We will be sharing, We recommend you begin to integrate/activate your unique Hybrid talents and embrace the shifting paradigm.


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