Hybrids in Transition – Living Your Purpose

The current energy transition being experienced by all beings on the Earth Plane creates a shift in overall focus on purpose for Hybrid beings.

The shift of focus is very simple.

Prior to the energy transition, nearly all Beings on the Earth Plane identified the focus or format of how they lived their purpose was driven by the culture within which the Being is living their life on the Earth Plane.

This has been true for all Beings, whether Hybrid or not. The level of consistency has been incredible.

With the energy frequency shift, the focus and format in which Hybrid Beings live their purpose has shifted.

The focus for Hybrid Beings on their purposes and/ or the formats in which Hybrid Beings are living their purpose vary as much as the purpose and intention for living the purpose. No longer is there a consistency.  The Hybrid must trust their knowing!

Hybrids who continue to live their Purposes in previous formats and/or focus will find they are not in alignment with the culture in which they are living. Due to the complexity of the Hybrid purpose, any Hybrid who has not allowed themselves to align with the new frequency may well create conflict with the culture and Humans the Hybrid finds themselves.

Any Hybrid attempting to look ‘Human’ in the living of their purpose will create even more chaos – chaos beyond the level the frequency shift if already creating.

Our recommendation to Hybrids – live your Purpose in alignment with the new energy frequency.  You will find daily living will become more comfortable, enjoyable and magical.  Such a deal!

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