Hybrids in Transition – Shifting How You Live Your Purpose

Each Hybrid has a purpose in many areas of the cosmos. A portion of your purpose has a focus on the earth plane. We, the Mountains of the World want to impress on all Hybrids how important it is to shift how you are living your Earth Life Purpose.

Continuing to live your purpose in the same manner you have thus far will only create more and more chaos in your earth life.

Here are some simple steps to assist you.

  • The first step is to identify what part of the earth culture you are living in is limiting or restraining you from fully living your purpose.
  • Once you have identified the elements restraining you, proceed to determine how to reformat how you are living your purpose.
  • Before you implement your new format, identify where the new format is or is not in alignment with the earth culture you inhabit.
  • With this analysis, determine the best manner to proceed and/or if additional refinement/balance with the earth culture would be beneficial.
  • At all costs, keep as much balance as possible. Not doing such creates a significant misalignment and chaos with the earth culture you are physically living.
  • Create shifts that allow the purpose (or the portion of the purpose intended to impact the earth culture) to have impact. Doing such creates a purposeful life without benefit from the purpose on the earth plane,

As you create any and all shifts in how you are living your Earth Life Purpose, We highly encourage you to engage your Hybrid Talents. Engaging your Hybrid Talents will assist you greatly.

Following these steps, making the shift, will allow you to more easily have impact while relaxing into who you are.

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