Hybrid During a Time of Transition – Service

We, The Mountains of the World, would like to discuss the shifts for Hybrids in the area of Service – to Self, to Others, and  the Earth Plane and to the Cosmos.

For Human Beings and Hybrids who have been living as Humans, Service has typically been seen in traditional formats. These formats were and continue to be either through the jobs the Beings commit themselves to or through their volunteer activities.

In this new paradigm, brought about by the significance of the frequency shift, Service for Hybrid Beings is:

  • Seen in a very non-traditional and non-physical sense;
  • Serving the All may or may not involve any action in the physical or focus related to the physical earth plane;
  • As money and finances are created differently, the ability to be of service in different manners becomes very real.

Of major significance is the reality that the concept of Service may be one of Service to the Cosmic world or Service to the Earth Plane.

  • In some situations, the one may follow the other.
  • In other words, Service on the physical may or may not follow service to the cosmic.
  • And conversely, Service on the cosmic plane may or may not support service on the Earth plane.

This new fact informs every Hybrid that even if the service you are providing appears to be non functional on the earth plane, it is none-the-less impacting the earth plane and the culture in which you, the Hybrid, are living.

Service in the cosmos, although not always of service to the Earth Plane,  always translates to some level of benefit on the plane of existence of the Hybrid soul providing the service.

And conversely, every service provided on the Earth Plane by a Hybrid of any Soul DNA combination creates value on the Cosmic plane.

The two planes are now more closely related, one to the other.

And the service provided by any Hybrid to either plane has an impact on the other.


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