Hybrid During a Time of Transition – Focus

One of the many aspects of existence that is changing as the frequency shift accelerates is the aspect of focus. By focus, We, the Mountains of the World, are referring to the macro (large-scale) attitude of life.

Prior to this significant frequency shift, the macro focus of all Beings on the earth plane was an Inner focus…a focus related to safety of the self, even when in service

The frequency shift has created a shift in the macro focus of living…a shift from Inner to Outer.

This means that for all Hybrids, the awareness of self is:

  • Inherent! It is guaranteed by the Cosmos!
  • Safety of Self, of the eternal Self as well as the physical Self, is recognized as a promise from the Universe in the best manner possible.

Outer awareness allows for greater possibilities and engagement beyond the earth plane/and easier bi-location.

We, the Mountains of the World, highly recommend you spend time considering this significant shift created by the frequency changes.

Next, We will discuss the steps to support this alignment to the new macro focus for living.



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