Hybrid During a Time of Transition – Alignment of Focus

As We, the Mountains of the World, discussed earlier, the frequency shift being experienced by the earth plane at this time has created for Hybrid beings a shift in the macro focus of living…a shift from Inner to Outer.

This shift from Inner to Outer creates a macro shift in the alignment of focus. This shift, although stated easily enough, is one of the more challenging shifts for a Hybrid on the Earth Plane to make.

When a being has focused for many millennium from an inner point and is now being asked to shift to an outer point, it can be tricky.  We have watched some of the current non-physical Lumans be challenged with this shift when they were Hybrids on the Earth Plane.  It is a tricky business!

This shift in alignment/position of focus is created through several simple yet intense steps:

  1. Shift any belief around selfish that the earth plane culture has created.  Selfish is often not about inner work…rather about outer work as the Hybrid is perceived to take care of self first due to the sense of safety they carry.
  2. Selflessness for a Hybrid is truly about understanding the value of self safety as defined by the cosmos and then reaching out to others – not to provide them with what they (humans) think they want – rather to interact from the higher realm and begin building the platforms to provide more on a larger scale.
  3. Due to the lack of global perspective by the human population, this is often misunderstood and is unable to be understood by physical beings, especially those of lower self-evolution.
  4. Understanding Self and Acknowledging the Cosmic Promise are the first steps to understand the larger picture – the long-range plan.

Understanding the long-range plan and disconnecting from the impulse to please the human population is critical to all Hybrids at this time in the frequency transition.

Said differently – for Hybrids, realigning your Focus of Living necessarily creates a need to disconnect from the cultural norms. The reality of this disconnecting may be very disconcerting.  And that is OK!

We, the Mountains of the World, highly recommend you follow your knowing, disconnect as appropriate, and appreciate your shift in alignment to the Cosmic World

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